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040219 - GABBY: A Fighter Pilots Life
040349 - THE HISTORY OF ENLISTED AERIAL GUNNERY 1917 - 1991: The Men Behind The Guns
040401 - MISSISSIPPIANS IN THE MIGHTY EIGHTH: An Anthology of Stories by Young Men from Mississippi who served in the Eighth Air Force in World War II (last copy left)
040452 - GOT ANY GUM CHUM? GI’s in Wartime Britain 1942-45
040557 - EIGHTY-ONE ACES OF THE 4TH FIGHTER GROUP (20% discount)
040583 - YANK BOMBER BOYS: A Photographic Record of the USAAF in the Second World War
040585 - SOLDIERS WITH SPANNERS: The Ground Crews' View During the Second World War
040586 - KILLED IN ACTION: The Story of Robert Holly
040601 - THE THREE MUSKETEERS OF THE ARMY AIR FORCES: From Hitler's Fortress Europe to Hiroshima and Nagasaki
040602 - HARRIET QUIMBY: Flying Fair Lady
040604 - VANISHED HERO: The Life, War and Mysterious Disappearance of America's WWII Strafing King
040605 - A BOMBER CREW MYSTERY: The Forgotten Heroes of 388th Bombardment Group
040606 - NO MAN'S SKY: The Story of a B-17 Waist Gunner who flew 29 Times over the Reich
040607 - BLOOD AND FEARS: How America's Bomber Boys and Girls in England Won Their War
040608 - ON THE HIGHWAYS OF THE SKIES: The 8th Air Force in WWII
040614 - OSCAR: His Story by Oscar Hoffman Coen
040615 - B-17 MEMORIES: From Memphis Belle to Victory
040616 - THE BOYS IN THE B-17: 8th Air Force Combat Stories of WWII
040617 - HERO OF HACKSAW RIDGE by Booton Herndon - The book that inspired the Movie!
040618 - BAILOUT OVER NORMANDY: A Flyboy's Adventures with the French Resistance and other Escapades in Occupied France (20% discount)
040622 - BOMBS AWAY: WWII Air Force Stories
040623 - THROUGH THESE EYES: A World War II Eighth Air Force Combat Diary
040626 - GOLD STAR ACES Volume 2 (Hardback or Softback)
040628 - ADVENTURES OF THE 4TH FIGHTER GROUP Available as Deluxe Hardback or Softback
040630 - THE LAST VETERANS OF WORLD WAR II: Portraits and Memories (20% discount)
040631 - PRISONER OF THE SWISS: A World War II Airman's Story (20% discount)
040632 - LAST OF THE KRIEGIES: The Extraordinary True Life Experiences of Five Bomber Command Prisoners of War (20% discount)
040633 - SPITFIRE DESERTER: The American Pilot Who Went Missing
040634 - THE DOOLITTLE RAIDERS: What Heroes Do After A War
040635 - FLYING TIGER ACE: The Story of Bill Reed, China's Stunning Mark (special offer - 20% discount)
040636 - GREAT ESCAPE FORGER: The Work of Carl Holmstrom - POW #221 - An Artist in Stalag Luft III
040637 - MISS GREEN BAY: Before During and After 32 WWII Combat Missions in a Coming Home B-17
040638 - 35 MISSIONS TO HELL AND BACK: A Mighty 8th Air Force, 390th Bomb Group (H) History
040640 - NO WAY OUT: The Untold Story of the B-24 "Lady Be Good" and her Crew
040642 - SPEED: The Life of a Test Pilot and Birth of an American Icon
040643 - THE JAGGED EDGE OF DUTY: A Fighter Pilot's World War II
040645 - HUMP DRIVERS: An American Pilot's Account of Flying Over The Himalayas during WWII
040646 - THE MEN WHO FLEW THE HEAVY BOMBERS: RAF and USAAF Four-Engine Heavies in the Second World War
040647 - MIDNIGHT FLIGHT TO NUREMBERG: The Capture of the Nazi Who Put Adolf Hitler Into Power
040649 - MARAUDERS IN THE MIST: A Story of the "Big War"
040650 - THE SUPERSONIC BONE: A Development and Operational History of the B-1 Bomber
040651 - FLAK-BAIT: The Only American Aircraft to Survive 200 Missions During The Second World War
040652 - P-51B/C MUSTANG North-West Europe 1943-44 (Dogfight Series 2)
040654 - THE CACTUS AIR FORCE: Air War Over Guadalcanal
040655 - THE LAST MISSION OF LADY JANE II: The Life and Death of an 8th Air Force B-17 and her Crew
040656 - F6F HELLCAT Philippines 1944 (Dogfight 5)
040657 - BROTHERHOOD OF THE FLYING COFFIN: The Glider Pilots of World War II
040658 - SPECIAL DUTIES PILOT: The Man Who Flew The Real 'Inglorious Bastards' Behind Enemy Lines: John M Billings
040659 - ACE IN A DAY: The Memoir of an Eighth Air Force Fighter Pilot In World War II
040661 - JAMES STEWART AT WAR: His Career in the USAAF
040662 - THE US ARMY ENGINEERS Pocket Manual 1941-45
040664 - THE USAAF BOMBER CREW Pocket Manual, 1941-45
040935 - DEVOTION: An Epic Story of Heroism, Brotherhood and Sacrifice
040936 - AMERICA'S FEW: Marine Aces of the South-West Pacific
040937 - BLACK LION ONE: TOPGUN Trailblazer Capt John Monroe "Hawk" Smith in Command of VF-213
040938 - THE FLYING GRUNT: The Story of Lieutenant General Richard E Carey, United States Marine Corps (Ret)

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