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040557 - EIGHTY-ONE ACES OF THE 4TH FIGHTER GROUP (20% discount)


By Frank Speer

The 4th Fighter Group armed with P51's and aggressive seasoned pilots battled the Luftwaffe in the air and on the ground achieving an impressive score of 1016 German planes destroyed the highest score of all Allied Groups. Instrumental in achieving this record were 81 pilots who became aces and men whose stories are the subject of this book. Their accounts go beyond the battles and individual victories to give a glimpse of the original motivations and their subsequent successes failures and often violent deaths. The accounts are written by the author a fellow ace who lived with them fought with them and survived to tell their fascinating stories. Includes biographies combat accounts and many previously unpublished photos.


Format Hardback
Pages  144
Publication Date One copy in stock

well illustrated in b/w and colour

Width (mm) 220
Height (mm) 290
Dust Jacket Yes


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