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040645 - HUMP DRIVERS: An American Pilot's Account of Flying Over The Himalayas during WWII

By Arthur Lavove

Countless men served in World War II. In combat, on the seas, in administrative offices, and in the skies. Hump Drivers is a vivid and engrossing account in words and images of one man’s experience as a “Hump Driver,” a pilot who transported people, supplies, and ordnance over the Himalayan mountains between Assam, India, and China. With highly detailed drawings and honest, relatable, and compelling narratives, tales of war are presented and shared in such a way that the reader/viewer will be left with a deep appreciation and respect for the pilots and their crews. Arthur La Vove presents an unforgettable collection of portraits that depict how profoundly war changes a man. With poor-quality food, unsanitary and uncomfortable facilities, harsh and dangerous weather, and malfunctioning communications and equipment, it is easy to see and feel for the men who endured these hardships in such a foreign place as the Hump.


Format Hardback
Pages 192pp
Publication Date Just arrived in stock!
Pictures 43 b/w illustrations
Width (mm) 156
Height (mm) 234
Dust Jacket Yes
ISBN 978-0-8117-3960-3


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