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List of articles in category Naval Operations
420118 - STEEL BOATS - IRON MEN: History of the US Submarine Force
420121 - USS IOWA (BB-61): The Story of "The Big Stick" from 1940 to the Present
420122 - USS YORKTOWN (CV-5): From Design and Construction to the Battle of Coral Sea and Midway
420123 - THE US NAVY'S FAST ATTACK SUBMARINES VOL 1: Los Angeles Class 688
420125 - BATTLE OF MIDWAY: America's Decisive Strike in the Pacific in WWII
420126 - US NAVY COLD WAR GUIDED MISSILE CRUISERS - New Vanguard Series 278
420127 - THE TAKING OF K-129: The Most Daring Covert Operation in History (Paperback)
421116 - ARK ROYAL: The Courageous Story of one of the best-loved and best-fought ships to fly the White Ensign
421117 - DARK SEAS ABOVE: HM Submarine Taurus
421119 - MEN OF THE MENDI: South Africa's Forgotten Heroes of World War 1
421122 - BRITISH CRUISER WARFARE: The Lessons of the Early War, 1939-41
423105 - MORNING STAR, MIDNIGHT SUN: The Guadalcanal-Solomons Naval Campaign of World War II
423106 - ALLIED COASTAL FORCES OF WWII Volume 1: Fairmile Designs & US Submarine Chasers
423107 - ALLIED COASTAL FORCES OF WWII Volume 2: Vosper MTBs And US Elcos
423108 - HOLDING THE LINE: The Naval Air Campaign in Korea
424113 - THE GERMAN U-BOAT BASE AT LORIENT, FRANCE, June 1940 to June 1941: Vol 1
424114 - THE GERMAN U-BOAT BASE AT LORIENT, FRANCE, July 1941 to July 1942 Vol 2
424116 - SUPPLIERS OF THE "GREY WOLVES": The Story of the German Submarine Tankers 1941-44
424117 - GERMAN U-BOAT ACE Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock
424136 - U-BOOT IM FOCUS Issue 17 (German/English text)
424137 - U-BOOT IM FOCUS Issue 18 (German/English text)
424138 - U-BOOT IM FOCUS Issue 19 (German/English text)
430111 - USS PENSACOLA (CA-24) - Turner Publishing
430151 - AIRCRAFT CARRIER: JUAN CARLOS I of the Spanish Navy - Ships In Detail Volume One
430307 - FIGHTING SHIPS OF THE US NAVY 1883-2019 Volume One, Part One - Aircraft Carriers/Fleet Carriers
434113 - U-552 THE RED DEVIL BOAT: Its Operational History in Words and Images

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