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423107 - ALLIED COASTAL FORCES OF WWII Volume 2: Vosper MTBs And US Elcos

By John Lambert and Al Ross

This second volume covers sixteen Vosper MTB designs and the US 70ft and 80ft ELCO designs.  US built Vosper designs supplied under lease-lend are also covered, while weapons systems and machinery are dealt with in detail.  Some 700 finely detailed drawings were drawn by the Authors for this second volume in their highly acclaimed two-volume work.


Format Hardback
Pages 264
Publication Date

Publication delayed - due April 2019


150 b/w photos, 700 line drawings & 12 colour camouflage schemes

Width (mm) 245
Height (mm)


Dust Jacket Yes 
ISBN 978-1-52674-755-6



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