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By Pat Cunningham

All too often, air crews have been forced to rely upon dead reckoning for their navigation, particularly when flying through cloud or bad weather. For the great majority, a blind descent through cloud meant a white-knuckled moment or two before the destination swam into view. This book, however, deals only with the unlucky few for whom the clouds never did part. In White Peak Air Crash Sites, air historian Pat Cunningham, DFM, aims to supply walkers with the provenance of aircraft debris they happen on, and to provide locations of all the air crash sites in the White Peak area. These are divided into two sections: crash sites where debris or a memorial can be seen, and those where no visible evidence remains, although it can be proven that there was a crash there. Regardless of whether there is debris or not, the stories are equally harrowing and the terrain continues to inspire.


Format Softback
Pages 192
Photos b/w photos
Width (mm) 170
Height (mm) 240
Dust Jacket  
Price £16.99

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