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By Brian Cull

On 28 October 1940, Italian forces invaded Greece via Albania, while its air force commenced bombing sorties over western, central and eastern Greece. For its defence, apart from the great fighting spirit of its soldiers, was a mediocre and obsolete collection of mainly biplane fighters, plus a handful of slightly more modern bombers French Potez 63s, Fairey Battles and Blenheims. In fact, the Blenheims were the latest Mark IVs whereas many of the British bomber units in the Middle East were still operating the Mark I. But the Greek Air Force had only one dozen Blenheims. The Greeks promptly pleaded for help from Britain, and the RAF responded in quick time. By 5 November 1940, the first Blenheim unit (30 Squadron) had arrived and was soon followed by two more (84 and 211 Squadrons) plus a squadron of Gladiators. Blenheims over Greece & Crete 1940- 1941 is an account of the heroics of the small band of British and Greek airmen who flew the Blenheims against ever increasing odds, particularly once the Luftwaffe put in an appearance.


Format Hardback
Pages 256 
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75 b/w photos and illustrations

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Height (mm) 236
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