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804725/57 - DAY FIGHTERS In Defence of the Reich: A War Diary, 1942 - 45

By Donald Caldwell

The daylight strategic air campaign over the German Reich during the Second World War was one of the longest and most intense air battles in history, involving thousands of aircraft, dozens of units, and hundreds of separate aerial engagements. DAY FIGHTERS IN DEFENCE OF THE REICH presents a unique look at the German defences as they struggled to cope with the threat posed by the two American strategic air forces which were charged with destroying Germany s critical war industries and wresting control of the air over the Reich from the Luftwaffe. The previous volume in this series, THE LUFTWAFFE OVER GERMANY, is a narrative history of these defences. The present book extends the story in an unprecedented fashion, and is based on documents in the German, American and British government archives and German pilot logbooks from the author s extensive collection.

Very good condition.


Format Hardback


Publication Date One copy available 

b/w photos, tables and maps throughout

Width (mm)


Height (mm) 260
Dust Jacket Yes


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