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804718/12 - FROM HULL, HELL AND HALIFAX: An Illustrated History of No 4 Group 1937 - 1948

By Chris Blanchett (Midland Counties, 1992)

The accomplished history of Royal Air Force Bomber Command 4 Group. The group will be forever associated with Yorkshire, where it was based for 11 years from 1937 to 1948. The core of the book focuses on the tremendous efforts made by the squadrons allocated to 4 Group during World War II. Backed by hard-working and loyal ground crew, night after night, many hundreds of brave young men flew off into the unknown in Whitleys, Wellingtons and Halifaxes to bring retribution to the Third Reich. Aircraft from 4 Group were the first to fly over Berlin, much to the embarrassment of Goering. They were also the first to bomb Italy. The casualty rate was horrific, especially in the early years of the war when a bomber crew rarely completed a full tour of 30 operations. Interest in the men, machines and operation of RAF Bomber Command has always been considerable.

Very good condition in protective clear plastic cover.

Format Hardback
Pages 240
Publication Date One copy available.  

b/w photos and illustrations, throughout

Width (mm)


Height (mm) 285
Dust Jacket Yes


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