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016404 - Air War ON THE EDGE: Aircraft of the Israel Air Force and its Aircraft Since 1948


By Bill Norton (Midland Publishing, 2004)

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Never before has there been a book published on the aircraft, units and exploits of the Israel Air Force in such depth. Interest in the IAF has always been high and seldom are its aircrew and aircraft out of the world's headlines. Previous books have failed to satisfy, either being sensationalist and low on factual content, or lacking in fundamental research. Bill Norton has trawled through thousands of documents, reports, and illustrations to produce a work that is staggering in its depth and knowledge. Those that think they know the IAF will find a wealth of new material and countless previously published 'facts' re-evaluated and righted. Detailed type-by-type coverage supported by a barrage of photographs of the IAF from the mixed bag of aircraft of its formative days, through the Suez Campaign, the Six Day War, Yom Kippur and on to be a sophisticated, well-equipped force, arguably the most experienced in the world. Included for the first time are all of the badges and heraldry of the units of the IAF, in full color.


Format Hardback


Publication Date Two copies left
Pictures b/w photos throughout plus unit badges and heraldry in colour
Width (mm) 220
Height (mm) 290
Dust Jacket Yes
ISBN 1 85780 088 5

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