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270668/9 - SUKHOI Su-25 FROGFOOT (AID 017) and DASSAULT/DORNIER ALPHA JET (AID 018) by Duke Hawkins

By Duke Hawkins

DH-017 brings a complete photographic portrait of the Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot, the Russian jet specifically designed for close-air support missions. Since the aircraft was first introduced, the Su-25 has seen many modifications, including the introduction of a glass cockpit and modern countermeasures. These are all included in this new 116 page book!

DH-018 brings the portrait of the Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet, a twin-engine jet trainer that doesn’t show it’s age in any way. It had been active with many air forces around the world for over 4 decades; so we thought it deserved a comprehensive book showing every aspect of the elegant jet. This book counts over 250 photos in 116 pages!

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Format Softback
Pages c150 to 200pp
Publication Date In Stock

profusely illustrated in colour throughout

Width (mm) 240
Height (mm) 240
Dust Jacket No

Vol 17 and 18 are
£23.99 each plus p&p

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