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424139 - U-BOOT IM FOCUS Issue 20 (German/English text)  

Each has German/English text.   Purchase two or more editions from the series for 15% discount!  Mix'n Match with the "Luftwaffe Im Focus" series.


Volume 20 contains the following information:-

•51 pages, 62 photos - thereof 17 in colour, 1 coloured conning tower sideview, , 1 coloured document, 2 coloured maps, reader’s forum

  • Photos with a story: U-592 - 
  • The Boat with the Saving Doctor
  • The Story of a Conning Tower Inscription and the Manipulation of a Photograph
  • Fates: Failed Attempt to Enter the Mediterranean The Fate of U-761 on Its Second War Cruise
  • Commanders: Kptlt. Robert Gysae (U-177)
  • Technical Equipment: “Please Transmit Direction Finding Signals!” A Report on the U-
  • Boat 280 S Rotating Loop Antenna Radio Direction Finding System
  • Documents: The Polar Baptism Letter – The Counterpart to the Crossing the Equator Certificate
  • Scenery: “Attack – Close – Sink” – The 1st U-Boat Flotilla’s Dining Hall
  • Background: Good cooking - helps win!" -
  • The Difficult Life of a Ship’s Cook on a U-Boat
  • U-Tanker: Photos from the Fourth War Cruise by the Supply Boat U-460



Format Softback, stapled binding
Pages 50
Publication Date



61 photos

Width (mm) 210
Height (mm) 297
Dust Jacket No
ISBN 978-3-941437

£25.00 each  (buy 2 or more volumes for 15% discount)

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