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424138 - U-BOOT IM FOCUS Issue 19 (German/English text)  

Each has German/English text.   Purchase two or more editions from the series for 15% discount!  Mix'n Match with the "Luftwaffe Im Focus" series.


Volume 19 contains the following information:-

•50 pages, 61 photos - thereof 4 in colour, 1 coloured conning tower frontview, 1 coloured document, 3 coloured maps, reader’s forum

•Photos with a story: U-94 in Action with Wolfpack Hecht - The first capture of an Allied merchant ship captain

•Commanders: Kptlt. Nicolai „Nico“ Clausen (U-129) Conning Towers: U-955 and the Teddy Bear from the Reeperbahn

•Unusual: Gift of a Book for a Courageous Diver

•Fates: Bay of Biscay 1944 – Rescued by a Luftwaffe Air-Sea Rescue Aircraft - The fortunate rescue of the survivors of U-970

•Scenery: A Nap on the Wave Deflector

•Color Photos: Bridge Watch in the “Little Seal”

•SponsorCities: The Matter of Sponsorship

- An experiment in reader participation Pennants: The Popular Sinking Pennant

As well as photos of U-28, U-47, U-230 and U-305


U-Boot im Focus Edition No 18

54 pages, 56 photos - thereof 3 in colour, 2 coloured conning tower sideviews, 1 coloured conning tower frontview, 1 coloured boat-sideview, 2 coloured emblems, 1 coloured document, 2 coloured maps, reader’s forum

• Photos with a story: In Secret Action for General Franco

• German Submarines in the Spanish Civil War

• Unknown Emblems: This is what U-629’s emblem actually looked like

• Commanders: Kptlt. Herbert Schultze (U-48)

• Conning Towers: U-Boats against the Invasion – Hopeless Surface Operations

• Operations by U-766 as Part of the Landwirt Group from June to August 1944

• Documents: Commemorative Document of Department III of the Brest Naval Shipyard

• Scenery: “Chatting” from Boat to Boat

• Background: “Alberich” – The German U-Boats’ Cap of Invisibility

• Cap Badges: From “Glückauf” to “Bobby the Elephant” (U-141, U-667, U-471)

As well as photos of U-100, U-73, U-204, U-3527 und U-3528


U-Boot Im Focus Edition No 17

50 pages with 51 photos - thereof 1 in colour, 3 coloured emblems, 1 coloured document, 2 coloured conning tower frontviews, 4 coloured maps, Readers Forum

• Commanders: Kptlt. Friedrich Guggenberger, Kptlt. Helmut Rosenbaum,Kptlt. Heinrich Schonder, Kptlt. Fritz Frauenheim,Kptlt. Werner Kraus, Oblt.(Ing.) Erich Zürn

• Reader’s Forum: The Spanish Cross for SubmarinersU-393 – The Experimental Boat of Testing Group Sultan

• Background: “Wind Strength 11 – We’re Linking up with the Convoy!”

• Conning Towers: U-67 – An Early Type IX C Boat with an Unusual Camouflage Scheme

• Boat in Focus: Into Combat with the Queen of Hearts - An Outline of the Operations by the Early Type IX C Boat U-126

• Unusual: The U-Boat War Badge on an Underwear Pullover

• Documents: An Invitation from the Commander of a Milk Cow

• Fates: Sunk Twice for Reasons other than Enemy Action - The Fate of the Luckless Boat U-1234

• U-Tanker: The Doctor Comes Aboard

as well as several photos of U-59, U-108 and further informations


U-Boot Im Focus Edition No 16

50 pages with 66 photos - thereof 10 in colour, 1 coloured document, 1 coloured conning tower frontviews, 3 coloured emblems, 2 coloured maps, Readers Forum.

• Boat in Focus: Photo Supplement – Operations by U-481 in the Gulf of Finland • Unusual: Signs for smokers and "fresh air-catchers" • Photos with a Story:  U-995 Then and Now  -  How original is the museum boat in Laboe?  • Scenery: Coastal Convoy  • Boat in Focus: U-393 – The Experimental Boat of Testing Group Sultan  • Unusual: A Submariner Takes a Bath at Sea   • Documents: A Submariner’s Role Card   • Color Photos: Italian Submarine Flying the Reich War Flag as well as several photos of U-387, U-19, U-576, U-37, U-168 and further information.  Price £25.00


U-Boot im Focus Edition No 15

58 pages with 63 photos - thereof 13 in colour, 1 coloured document, 1 coloured conning tower sideview, 2 coloured boat-sideviews, 3 maps, Readers Forum

• Unusual: The Commander Lends a Hand  • Boat in Focus: U-84 – The Story of a Boat Patrols off Newfoundland, America and in the Caribbean  • Documents: The Krupp Germaniawerft AG’s Knight’s Cross Certificate  • Conning Towers: U-431 – One-Off Camouflage Scheme in the Mediterranean  • Fates: The Last Photos and the Last Voyage of Kptlt. Schepke (U-100)  • Photos with a Story: U-Boat Code Names in the Bases at St. Nazaire and La Pallice  • Scenery: A Look into the Conning Tower  • Cap Badges: U-50’s Big “Whale” Cap Badge  • Interior Shots: U-109 as well as photos of U-437, U-561, U-65, U-237 and further information.  Price £25.00

Back issues are available to order.

Format Softback, stapled binding
Pages 50
Publication Date



61 photos

Width (mm) 210
Height (mm) 297
Dust Jacket No
ISBN 978-3-941437

£25.00 each  (buy 2 or more volumes for 15% discount)

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