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023144 - BRITAIN'S VICTORY, DENMARK'S FREEDOM: Danish Volunteers In Allied Air Forces During The Second World War (20% discount)


By Mikkel Plannthin

On 9 April 1940, German forces invaded Denmark. Within hours and without a real fight, the government capitulated, co-operating with the Nazis in order to secure as much self-determination as possible. Not everybody accepted the surrender. Abroad, Danes mobilised to fight back. Men and women – whether they had escaped from Denmark, been involuntarily exiled by the occupation, or were emigrants – turned up at recruiting offices around the world, volunteering to fight for Denmark’s freedom.

More than 250 volunteered for the Allied air forces. Britain’s Victory, Denmark’s Freedom: Danish Volunteers in Allied Air Forces During the Second World War offers the most comprehensive account of the Danish contribution to the Allied air forces of the Second World War ever written. It covers Danish pilots in Britain, Germany and Coastal Command; their involvement in the air wars of the Mediterranean and the Balkans; service in the Far East and Pacific; as well as Danes on the ground, often far from the frontline.


Format Hardback
Pages 272
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