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034241 - FOCKE WULF Fw 190 Volume One by J Richard Smith & Eddie J Creek 

By J Richard Smith and Eddie J Creek

"To say this books is good is like saying Ferrari and Lamborghini make nice cars! Then again, anything by J Richard Smith and Eddie J Creek is Luftwaffe gold. The research is immense. To say I'm impressed and enthused by this series is a massive understatement. Do yourself a favour and grab one as you'll deeply regret missing out on this one (or this series)! It is a great book for any aviation enthusiast without a doubt; it is an absolute must for a Luftwaffe fan!"


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Format Hardback
Pages 336
Publication Date Delayed to December 2022

Beautifully illustrated with over 400 photos, close-ups, colour artwork, technical drawings

Width (mm) 226
Height (mm) 333
Dust Jacket Yes
ISBN 978-1-90653-729-6


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