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260111 - USAAF AIRCRAFT WEAPONS OF WWII by Tom Laemlein 

By Tom Laemlein

This book focuses on the war-winning weaponry of the United States Army Air Forces during World War II. With 160 pages containing more than 300 photos, it offers stunning visual details of the machine guns, cannons, bombs, and rockets carried into battle by USAAF bombers, fighters, and attack aircraft.

Many of the photos and illustrations in this book, some of them in colour, are good enough to be displayed in full-page format. The images deliver the gritty details of USAAF armaments’ use down to their nuts and rivets, and the high-velocity rounds they fired. This is a unique photo-study, with many of the photos never-before-published.

About the Author


From a secret base in North America and buried under a mound of historical photographs, Tom Laemlein has been redefining the concept of the military history ‘photo study’ for 15+ years. Leveraging his extensive photo library, Tom has a knack for publishing images that display the details of the weapons and battles of the 20th Century, much to the delight of a global audience of historians. This book is the first in a series for Canfora Publishing. 

Format Softback
Pages 160pp
Publication Date February 2021

300 b/w photos, 10 colour photos

Width (mm) 210
Height (mm) 290
Dust Jacket No


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