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066203 - THE BURIED SPITFIRES OF BURMA: A 'Fake' History

By Andy Brockman and Tracy Spaight

This is the story of Lincolnshire farmer David Cundall’s quixotic quest to unearth dozens of Spitfire fighters he believes were buried at the end of WWII. Armed with a high-tech survey showing mysterious shapes under the sunbaked surface of Yangon Airport, David’s expedition is equipped with state of the art JCB excavators, supported by a crack team of archaeologists, and bankrolled by Wargaming.net. Nothing can stop him from recovering the iconic aircraft because, as David tells the world’s media, “it’s impossible to make up this story.” This real-life treasure hunt, an enthralling mix of Indiana Jones and Sherlock Holmes, took a team of researchers deep into Myanmar on a quest to find legendary Spitfires. But instead, the team unearths a tale of fake history highlighting the conflict between those want to believe and those who demand evidence.

Due May 2020


Format Hardback
Pages 336 pages
Photos ?
Width (mm) 156
Height (mm) 234
Dust Jacket ?
ISBN 978-0-75099-385-2
Price £20.00

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