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064120 - NACHTJAGD COMBAT ARCHIVE: A Comprehensive Operational History of the German Night Fighter Force on all fronts and an Analysis of all claims including Flak Units against RAF Bomber Command: Volume One


By Theo Boiten

At the core of this project is comprehensive coverage in detailed reference form of;

the operational deployment of the German night fighter force – the Nachtjagdverbände – against British, American, and Soviet forces on all fronts,

The German Flak claims against RAF Bomber Command at night during World War Two.

Some 6,000 German night fighter claims, over 2,100 Flak claims and almost 800 Flak searchlight claims fully documented and 95% of all Luftwaffe night fighter and Flak claims matched to Bomber Command losses for the first time.

We estimate that the series will run to between 12-15 volumes.  Each volume will be 128 pages and retail at £20 per volume.  In total there are around 1.3 million words and over 1200 original wartime photos, some 70% previously unpublished.

Format Softback
Pages 128
Photos Illustrated throughout
Width (mm) 210
Height (mm) 300
Dust Jacket No
Price £20.00

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