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010721 - THE RACKHEATH AGGIES: A Tribute to the 467th Heavy Bombardment Group, American Eighth Air Force

By David H Kibble-White.  Published by Erskine Press, 2001

Re-print of this title originally published in 2001. 

In 1941 England experienced an invasion. This was not an unfriendly invasion of enemy soldiers but a friendly influx that had come to help us in our time of need. The Americans landed in force. They came to a foreign country to die in their thousands for a greater good that probably many of them could not understand. This is the story of a small air base in the Norfolk countryside that was home to the 467th Heavy Bombardment Group of the American Eighth Air Force - the Rackheath Aggies. Their coming brought enormous changes to a rural way of life. These men left their mark on the people of Norfolk and on that little corner of - to them - a very foreign field. No doubt Norfolk also left its mark on these brave men and those who went back were maybe unaware of the enormous debt the men and women of England owed them.                                  





Pages 128pp
Publication Date Re-printed!  In Stock!

b/w photos throughout

Width x Height (mm)

160 x 230mm

Dust Jacket No


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