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010688 - GOONEY BIRDS AND FERRY TALES: The 27th Air Transport Group in WWII


By Jon A Maguire

The 27th Air Transport Group, part of the 302nd Transport Wing, supported the 8th and 9th Air Forces in World War II with ferry and transport services. Though their role was extremely vital to the success of the air and ground wars in Europe, their story has remained largely untold – until now. Flying primarily C-47s the 27th ATG performed a broad assortment of duties including resupply of frontline units, medical evacuation, transportation of VIPs and many others. The 27th supported Patton’s drive across Europe by hauling gasoline – an extremely hazardous undertaking – to the front lines. On Christmas Eve 1944 the Group flew a special, all-out mission to transport reinforcement troops from Marseille to the Battle of the Bulge front – this operation involved over 100 aircraft with the 302nd Wing receiving a commendation from Gen. Spaatz for their efforts. Elements of the 27th also participated in a secret mission to Sweden to support Norwegian underground forces – both American and German forces used the same Swedish airfield! Many first-person anecdotes, over 600 photographs, and a reprint of the “official” 302nd Wing unit history make this volume, by Group historian Jon Maguire, a fitting, and long-overdue tribute to the men and women of the 27th ATG. 

Format Hardback
Pages 352
Publication Date Available
Pictures over 600 b/w photos plus 12 colour aircraft profiles
Width (mm) 210
Height (mm) 280
Dust Jacket Yes
Price £57.50

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