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010530 - WARPATH ACROSS THE PACIFIC: Illustrated history of the 345th BG (M) during WWII 


By Lawrence J Hickey (Eagles Over The Pacific Series, Volume 1)

This first volume of the acclaimed Eagles Over the Pacific series has become a classic, the standard by which combat aviation literature is judged, and it is in its 5th revised edition. Top aviation historians consider it to be the best book on an air combat units ever produced. Exhaustively researched both from archival sources and through interviews and correspondence with hundreds of unit veterans, Larry Hickey has created in Warpath Across the Pacific, a book that reads like an exciting adventure novel, but that is actually the most carefully researched and written history possible. The book follows the 345th Bomb Group, the famous Air Apaches, on its journey fighting with low-level B-25 strafers across the Southwest Pacific from New Guinea to the home islands of Japan. Many of these missions were flown at 50 to 100 feet above the targets and produced, from a rearward mounted camera below the rear fuselage, some of the most dramatic combat photos ever taken during aerial warfare. Warpath includes 448 pages of text, over 700 photos, detailed appendices of crews, casualties and every aircraft flown, and a magnificent 32-page color section that includes 48 B-25 aircraft profiles and five paintings by top aviation artist and IHRA Art Director Jack Fellows. The book is copiously illustrated with maps that locate every mission flown and aircraft lost. Warpath Across the Pacific remains a must-have for any aviation or military history enthusiast.


Format Hardback
Pages 248
Publication Date Out Now
Pictures Yes
Width (mm) 220
Height (mm) 280
Dust Jacket Yes
Price £79.95

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