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010952 - WE FLEW ALONE: Men and Missions of the United States Navy's B-24 Liberator Squadrons Pacific Operations: February 1943 - September 1944, 2nd Edition

By Alan C Carey

We Flew Alone: United States Navy B-24 Liberator Squadrons in the Pacific: February 1943 to September 1944, is the first comprehensive book written on the operations of Navy B-24 Liberator squadrons in the Pacific War. In this first of two volumes, Alan C. Carey, the author of the Reluctant Raiders: The Story of United States Navy Bombing Squadron VB/VPB-109 in World War II, examines the formation and use of the B-24 Liberator by the United States Navy. From the birth of the first squadron and their deployment to Guadalcanal in early 1943 to the squadrons that participated in the Central Pacific campaign, every Navy Liberator squadron is discussed in detail.


Format Softback
Pages 144
Publication Date August 2017

Over 150 b/w photos

Width (mm) 210
Height (mm) 280
Dust Jacket Yes


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