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244151 - GERMAN MILITARY TRAVEL PAPERS of the Second World Wa


By Matt DiPalma

In every movie, every television show, every novel of wartime intrigue, one phrase stands out as typically German: “Show me your papers.” The German Wehrmacht ran on paperwork, evidenced by the complicated maze of interrelated forms necessary for troops to move either on leave or for official business from one end of the Third Reich to another. This work, a unique and thorough compendium of original paperwork carried by the soldiers themselves, documents the forms required for German soldiers to travel, go home on leave, or visit the spoils of occupation. A methodically detailed collection that parallels the meticulous nature of the era that produced it, this work is the most thorough collection of original travel ephemera from Nazi Germany assembled to date, one that any collector would be proud to add to his or her collection.


Format Hardback
Pages 288
Publication Date Out Now!

569 colour images

Width (mm) 210
Height (mm) 280
Dust Jacket Yes


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