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244148 - WAFFEN-SS CAMOUFLAGE UNIFORMS Volume 1: Helmet Covers, Smocks


By Lorenzo Silvestri (Edited by Neil G Stewart and Michael L Davis)

This is part one of a comprehensive two-volume reference that shows all the camouflage uniforms of the Waffen-SS. Using predominately modern color photographs, Volume 1 covers SS camouflage helmet covers and smocks. Each example is displayed on a full mannequin with numerous photos showing how the clothing appeared from various angles. In addition, detail images are used to clearly expose key features of the uniforms and equipment. The text explains the important details about the creation, manufacturing, and wear of each item. Period photos establish the wear of each item presented in the book.


Format Hardback
Pages 464
Publication Date January 2016

943 colour images

Width (mm) 230
Height (mm) 300
Dust Jacket  

c £75.00

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