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076106 - PACIFIC PROFILES Volume Three: Allied Medium Bombers: Douglas A-20 Havoc Series, Southwest Pacific 1942-1944

By Michael John Claringbould

The Pacific Profiles series presents the most accurate WWII aircraft profiles to date of Japanese & Allied aircraft in the Pacific theatre.

Volume Three illustrates, by squadron, USAAF Fifth Air Force A-20 series medium bombers operating in New Guinea from July 1942 to the end of 1944. In this distant theatre, a dozen USAAF A-20 squadrons from the 3rd, 312th and 417th Bombardment Groups, joined by No. 22 Squadron, RAAF, used many variants of the A-20, mainly as strafers. Squadron insignia, camouflage, heraldry, nose-art and command markings varied significantly between squadrons, giving a wide variety of colour schemes. The profiles, based on photos, diaries and other wide-ranging documents, are accompanied by brief histories of each squadron, the development of respective heraldry and information on each aircraft profiled.

The author, Michael Claringbould, is world-renown for his expertise in respect to the A-20 in the Pacific, stemming from his direct involvement in locating and recovering one from New Guinea in 1984. These rare profiles, many appearing for the first time, accurately portray the A-20 during this captivating timeframe of the South Pacific air war.


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076105 - Pacific Profiles Volume Two: Japanese Army Bombers, Transports & Miscellaneous, New Guinea & the Solomons 1942-1944 by Michael Claringbould


Pacific Profiles Volume Two illustrates, by unit, Japanese Army Air Force (JAAF) bomber and other supporting aircraft types operating in New Guinea and the Solomons from December 1942 to April 1944.  Price £28.95


Format Softback
Pages 112pp
Publication Date In Stock!

b/w photos, colour profiles, colour squadron logos

Width (mm) 175
Height (mm) 250
Dust Jacket No
ISBN 978-0-6489262-0-7


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