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040628 - ADVENTURES OF THE 4TH FIGHTER GROUP Available as Deluxe Hardback or Softback

By Troy L White

A special colour edition for collectors, this edition includes colour plates and contemporary photographs from WWII. Read about the thrills, spills and lucky escapes of the 4th Fighter Group during World War II! From the days of clandestine training in Canada to dog-fights over Europe. "Adventures of the 4th Fighter Group" is over 330 pages long, 195 images 35 in colour and packed with tales of daring and excitement! Author/artist Troy White covers new ground with his new book, recounting the stories of Eagle Squadron and 4th FG pilots whose names might not be known to the general public, but whose experiences were every bit as interesting as those of their famous squadron mates. Found among the tales are those of 4th FG luminaries like Don Gentile, Ralph “Kidd” Hofer, Jim Goodson along with the stories of Red Patterson, Sy Koenig, Gilbert Hunt and Otey Glass - just to name a few. The stories of some of the 4th FG pilots appear in print for the first time and this alone sets "Adventures" apart from other recent efforts on the 4th. 


Format Hard or Softback
Pages  338
Publication Date Available

150 photos

Width (mm) 150
Height (mm) 230
Dust Jacket Imagewrap on hdbk or high gloss laminated softback

Hdbk £59.95

Sftbk £49.95

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