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040626 - GOLD STAR ACES Volume 2 (Hardback or Softback)

By Troy L White

Researched over a four year period and including 320 contemporary photos, maps and charts, the two volume Gold Star Aces set chronicles the final moments of one hundred and fourteen USAAF aces. Some of the men featured in this book have become legends, a few were completely forgotten. Now they are all gathered together into two volumes and their stories are being told. GOLD STAR ACES Volume II comprises 282 pages and covers the epic air battles in the Pacific and Europe from mid 1944 until the war's end in September 1945. Gold Star Aces Volume I comprises 246 pages, 150 photos, maps and charts and covers the time from America's entry into the war in 1941 until mid 1944. As the tempo of the war intensified there were more aces and more challenges for them. 


Format Hard or Softback
Pages  282
Publication Date Available

150 photos

Width (mm) 150
Height (mm) 230
Dust Jacket Imagewrap on hdbk or high gloss laminated softback

Hdbk £39.95

Sftbk £29.95

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