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104103 - ELEGANCE AND VERSATILITY: Junkers Light Aircraft -  K-15 to A 50 Junior

By Lennart Andersson

This book is about all the smaller Junkers types that were designed and built during the same period as the more well-known F 13, G 24 and W 33/W 34. The A 20 and A 35/K 53 were produced in great numbers and served in countries all over the world. The majority were of the military version, but the A 20 was also used for pioneering night airmail services.

The two-seat H 21 and the single-seat S 22 fighter were built for the Soviet Union. The K 47 two-seat fighter was sold to China and was used in dive-bombing experiments and the A 50 Junior was intended for the emerging private aircraft owner market. Junkers built substantial numbers of the Junior and they and found buyers in all corners of the world. It became world famous especially for daring long-distance flights made by illustrious aviators, including female pilots.




  • For Travellers in Style – The Junkers K 16
  • Two-Seaters for Private Flying and Training – The Junkers T Series
  • Civil and Military Use – The Junkers A 20 and Derivatives
  • Specially Made for the Red Air Fleet – The Junkers J 21 and J 22
  • Two-seat Fighter and ‘Stuka’ – The Junkers K 47
  • The Private Aircraft Owners Dream – The Junkers A 50 Junior
  • Specifications and Performance
  • Drawings
  • Sources and Bibliography
  • Index


Format Hardback
Pages 248
Publication Date

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325 photos, 21 drawings

Width (mm) 216
Height (mm) 279
Dust Jacket No
ISBN 978-82-93450-24-5


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