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250822 - ALLIED AIRCRAFT OF D-DAY: A Photographic Guide to the Surviving Aircraft of the Normandy Invasion

By Lee Chapman

The 1944 Allied invasion of France was a combined effort with land- and sea-based forces supported by a huge aerial task force, which included legendary aircraft such as the Spitfire, Mosquito, Dakota and Mustang. The force comprised the RAF, its commonwealth allies and the USAAF, which resulted in an eclectic mix of gliders, heavy bombers, fighters, ground-attack aircraft and transport aeroplanes. Illustrated with over 170 colour images of modern-day surviving and restored aircraft, this book features many of the aircraft types that were involved in the operations surrounding the Normandy invasion, including the aircraft the flew on D-Day itself.


Format Paperback
Pages 144
Publication Date

Due March 2021


Over 170 photos

Width (mm) 246
Height (mm) 168
Dust Jacket  
ISBN 978-1-91387-040-9


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