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051679 - MILITARY AIRFIELDS IN BRITAIN During The Second World War


By Jon and Diane Sutherland

This book, the second in the War in Britain series, focuses on the airfields which were used for the military in the Second World War. Military history experts, Jon & Diane Sutherland investigate the locations of these airfields and why they were chosen, together with the physical and personal changes made to the surrounding areas as well as the effects on the local community with the influx of strangers. They reveal the legacy of the airfields and their specially created communities after the war. Did the buildings fulfil other uses in peacetime or were they and the runways just left to rot, a crumbling reminder of the losses of war? This is the second in the War in Britain Series for GGP and there will be a dedicated website for this series which will actively market the books and focus on all aspects of war in Britain, include regular news updates.


Format Softback
Pages 336
Publication Date -

b/w photos throughout 

Width (mm)  150
Height (mm)  210
Dust Jacket  


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