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051780 - KENLEY SCRAMBLE: The Definitive History of the RAF Airfield fro 1917 to 1940

By Richard C Smith

Kenley Scramble: This book tells the story of the aerodrome of RAF Kenley from 1917 until the end of 1940. From its early beginnings during the First World War used as an Aircraft Acceptance Park, where aeroplanes were tested and flown before being sent to squadrons on the Western Front and other theatres of conflict. Following the end of hostilities the build-up of the aerodrome continued apace during the 1920s and 1930s, and many of the pilots stationed there would go on to achieve high ranks in the Royal Air Force.


Format Softback
Pages 213
Publication Date Available

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Width (mm) 155
Height (mm) 235
Dust Jacket  No


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