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041536 - CRAWLING OUT OF HELL: The True Story of a British Sniper's Greatest Battle


By Dean Bailey

A fascinating insight into the camaraderie and humour of British servicemen stationed in a war zone

A first-hand account of brutal action in the unforgiving battleground of Afghanistan

A gripping military history that will satisfy enthusiasts and students of history alike

A truly inspirational account of a young soldier accepting his disabilities and determination to lead a full and active life

Lance Corporal Dean Bailey is just 22 when he is sent to Afghanistan as a sniper section commander. Craving the opportunity to see action after a disappointing tour of duty in Iraq, he now has the chance to put his elite marksmanship training to the test. To his disappointment, the Taliban are nothing like a traditional enemy and their hit and run ambush tactics mean that more often than not, Bailey and his men are cooped up inside Viking armoured personnel carriers, desperate to get out and take the fight to the Taliban. During one such ambush, his platoon is attacked from all sides and their Viking is immobilised.

Going up top to fend off the assailants with his rifle, an RPG explodes next to him, covering Bailey in burning diesel. Continuing his stubborn defence and enabling his men to scramble out the back door of the stricken vehicle, he takes a direct hit from an RPG, ending his brave covering fire. Dragged from the fiery Viking, he is flown back to England with little expectation of surviving the flight home.

Bailey’s next battle will be the hardest one he has ever had to face...


Format Softback
Pages 192
Publication Date Available

40 colour photos (some disturbing images)

Width (mm) 156
Height (mm) 234
Dust Jacket Yes


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