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041504 - SEVEN SHORT LIVES: Pro Libertate


By S B Potter

Story of the crew of an RAF Lancaster Bomber lost on their 28th trip in July 1944.

At its heart this is the story of seven young airmen, all of whom were brought together from differing backgrounds to fly as the crew of an Avro Lancaster in World War Two, and all of whom were lost on their 28th trip together in July 1944. It also gives a much broader account - not only does author S B Potter detail the stories of each of the seven, but he also puts this into context with the developing state of the war. Not just the men, but the machines used at the time are profiled, and the book also looks at the enemy and what the men of RAF Bomber Command were facing as they flew on hazardous nocturnal operations. 

Format Softback
Pages 280
Publication Date



b/w photos and illustrations throughout

Width (mm) 150
Height (mm) 210
Dust Jacket  


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