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021643 - V-WEAPONS BOMBER COMMAND: Failed To Return


By S Bond, S Darlow, S Feast, M Hall, R Owen and H Sandall

In the Summer of 1944 Nazi Germany launched its terrifying Vergeltungswaffen (reprisal weapon) attack against the population of south-east England. Under direct attack the Allies responded. The Supreme Allied Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower was quite clear that the V-weapon counter measures were of paramount importance over everything except the urgent requirements of the D-Day and Normandy land battle, this priority to obtain until we can be certain that we have definitely gotten the upper hand of this particular business. He would use all the resources at his disposal including the Royal Air Forces heavy bomber force. The task for RAF Bomber Command was simple. If the bomber crews could reduce the number of V1s launched, the fighter aircraft and gun defences had a better chance to intercept and shoot down the flying bombs. But these pilotless aircraft were not the only menace, the V2 rocket offensive would soon be launched, and the Allies closely monitored the construction of what they came to learn was the V3 supergun site. When the war came to a close Bomber Command could justifiably claim success against the V-Weapons. There was a cost though a cost in aircrew lives. V-Weapons Bomber Command Failed to Return tells the story of some of those airmen who were prepared to risk their lives countering the German V-Weapon offensive in direct defence of the civilian population. They had responded to what British Prime Minister Winston Churchill described as the attempt to blast the viper in his nest. Their story deserves to be told. We Will Remember Them.


Format Hardback


Publication Date September 2015

approx' 120 colour & b/w photos

Width (mm) 210
Height (mm) 275
Dust Jacket Yes


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