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011038 - BREATHTAKING SPECTACLE: A Written and Pictorial History of IX Troop Carrier Command in England During WWII: Volume 1: The 52nd Troop Carrier Wing

By Adam G R Berry and Hans Den Brok

A Written and Pictorial History of IX Troop Carrier Command in England during WWII.  Volume 1: The 52nd Troop Carrier Wing.  (3 volume series)

A Breathtaking Spectacle tells the story of the men and women of IX Troop Carrier Command from a point of view seldom heard before. It tells of their lives in England, their living conditions, and the daily stresses they endured in delivering Airborne forces, dropping supplies by parachute, evacuating critically wounded, and air-landing vital supplies to the front line on a near daily basis. Volume 1 of the three volume series focuses on Brigadier General Harold L Clark's 52nd Troop Carrier Wing, which contained some of the most experienced Troop Carrier Groups to operate in Europe in WWII. Read first-hand accounts from locals who remember their presence, from veterans themselves on their time in England, and of the losses each Group sustained both in training and in combat.

I have two copies left which were slightly damaged in transit, hence reduced price of £50.00.  Once these are gone, I'm not sure that I will have more copies.


Format Hardback
Pages 600
Publication Date Two copies remaining, slightly damaged in transit
Pictures 900+ wartime photos
Width (mm) 220
Height (mm) 350
Dust Jacket No
ISBN 978-0-993115-05-9


£50.00 for slightly damaged copies

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