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011259 - RAF 100 GROUP Kindred Spirits: Voices of RAF & USAAF on Secret Norfolk Airfields during WWII


By Janine Harrington

This remarkable book brings together for the first time writings of RAF 100 Group who, during WWII, flew secret operations deep into the heart of Germany - identifying and jamming enemy radar, working with Bletchley Park and the Y-Service, supporting SOE and the Resistance. Over 55,000 men died in Bomber Command, the highest casualty rate of any Unit. On VE Day, Churchill praised those who contributed to victory, with one glaring omission - Bomber Command, of which this Group was a valued part. What happened to his stirring words: 'The fighters are our salvation, but the bombers alone provide the means of victory'? Seventy years on, RAF 100 Group remains shrouded in mystery, their families unaware as veterans take their secrets to the grave. This book represents a tribute, a Memorial, proof of their existence, finally giving them recognition so richly deserved.


Format Softback
Pages 528
Publication Date Out Now!
Pictures 30 pages b/w & colour photos
Width (mm) 160
Height (mm) 240
Dust Jacket -
Price £14.99

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