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014232 - Eagle Files : YELLOW 10: The story of the ultra-rare Fw 190 D-13


By Jerry Crandall

An intimate look at the story behind one of the most fascinating, ultra rare late war Luftwaffe aircraft, the only known surviving Fw 190 D-13. Featured are over 70 photos of this rare aircraft from its very beginning including never before published images before restoration, to its present-day location in the Champlin Fighter Museum.

Highlights of this unique book include beautifully rendered, authentic profiles, top and bottom views of "Yellow 10" plus three additional related aircraft; a D-11 and a D-12 prototype. Using computer technology, this is the first time the D-13 has ever been accurately portrayed with the complicated camouflage system and color scheme, markings and stenciling.

A unique side bar to the story of "Yellow 10" includes the intriguiging Bf 109 G-10 also found with the D-13 in Atlanta Georgia where they were both in private ownership. Here for the first time is illustrated the correct color scheme and markings for the well-known now restored G-10.

Also included, a rare all Yellow tailed D-9! EagleCals #21 features all Yellow Tail D-9s!


Softback, 220mm x 280mm, profusely illustrated throughout by Thomas A Tullis to include colour profiles and diagrams. 


Format Softback
Pages 96
Publication Date Available
Pictures profusely illustrated
Width (mm) 220
Height (mm) 280
Dust Jacket -
Price £22.95

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