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523132 - OPERATION CRUSADER: Tank Warfare In The Desert Tobruk 1941

By Hermann Bushleb and translated by David Dorondo

• Part of the Wehrmacht im Kampf series

• First English account of this title, an account of the tank warfare during Operation Crusader, by one of the German staff officers present at the battle

Includes 20 maps from the original edition

The port of Tobruk, Libya, was besieged by German and Italian forces in April 1941. Following an abortive attempt in June, the Allies tried to relieve the siege in late November, when the Eighth Army launched Operation Crusader, which aimed at destroying the Axis armored force then advancing. After a number of inconclusive engagements, the British 7th Armoured Division was defeated by the Afrika Korps at Sidi Rezegh. Edwin Rommel was then forced to withdraw his troops to the defensive line at Gazala, making the operation the first Allied victory over German land forces in World War II. This account of the tank warfare during Operation Crusader in front of Tobruk in the fall of 1941 examines the roles of commanders in the battles of Operation Crusader, in particular the part of Erwin Rommel, who achieved some defensive successes during the battle. As well as examining the part of commanders, it discusses the parameters of the battle: the terrain, weather, visibility, logistics, intelligence, and the forces involved. It then narrates the course of the battle, and the result of the battle.


Format Hardback
Pages 128
Publication Date August 2019

20 b/w maps

Width (mm) 152
Height (mm) 228
Dust Jacket ?
ISBN 978-1-52674-723-6


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