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530151 - THE US ARMY JEEP AT WAR (Armor At War Series)

By Steven J Zaloga (Published by Concord Publications Company)

This book focuses specifically on jeeps serving with the US Army in WWII. The jeep was an iconic design, and this volumes showcases the remarkable vehicle. The book begins with a precis of the jeep's development and standardized production that commenced in late 1941. Manufacture of the 1/4-ton command and reconnaissance truck, as it was officially called, eventually reached a staggering total of 634,569. Of these, 182,597 were shipped via Lend-Lease to nations like Great Britain and the Soviet Union. The jeep performed a multitude of roles, and it proved to be an adaptable design. This fact is shown in the accompanying black and white photos, with armored jeeps, rail-jeeps, improvised armaments, deep-water fording kits, amphibious jeeps and ambulances all in evidence. These photos have been drawn from official US sources, and readers will find they form an excellent collection and survey of the jeep in action. The pictures depict jeeps in theaters like North Africa, Italy, Northwest Europe and even the Pacific. The author has also produced a set of 16 color plates to go along with the photos. These plates show both orthographic and 3D views of jeeps wearing various tactical markings. This careful compilation by Mr. Zaloga includes a host of pictures that will be completely new to readers, thus making it a very attractive reference book to have on the bookshelf!


Format Softback
Pages 72
Publication Date Temp' out of stock.

16 colour plates, 167 photos

Width (mm) 215
Height (mm) 280
Dust Jacket No
ISBN ISBN 962-361-110-2


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