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530150 - WARTIME JEEPS: WWII Jeeps - prototypes, production models & special versions

By Graham Scott - Photography by Simon Clay

This book covers Second World War versions of the legendary Jeep - all the prototypes, production models and special versions. There are 11 wartime Jeep variants covered: Bantam BRC-40, Budd Pygmy, Willys MA, Ford GP, Willys MB, Willys MB of the Long-Range Desert Group, Ford GPW, Ford GPA or 'Seep', 6x6 MT-TUG, T28 Half-Track and the heavily armed SAS Willys MB. Each model's section opens with a brief text introduction followed by specially commissioned colour photographs with fascinating and detailed captions.


Format Hardback
Pages 120
Publication Date Out Now!

colour photos throughout, some b/w

Width (mm) 265
Height (mm) 265
Dust Jacket Yes
ISBN 978-1-906133-37-5


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