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024192 - HUNTING TITO: A History of Nachtschlachtgruppe 7 in WWII


By Lovro Persen

For the first time, the history of one of the most significant and longest-lasting Luftwaffe combat units is presented. Operating against Tito and his partisans in Yugoslavia, Nachtschlachtgruppe 7, and its predecessor units Störkampfstaffel Kroatien and Südost, fought an extraordinary war–one that was different from any other Nachtschlachtgruppe in existence on either the eastern or western fronts. The history of Nachtschlachtgruppe 7 is unbreakably cross-linked with its “sister” unit Nahaufklärungsstaffel Kroatien, who eventually became its 2.Staffel in Autumn 1943. Despite their obsolete equipment–flying the Hs 126, Do 17 and He 46–they fought courageously against Tito’s forces until the end of the war.

Format Hardback
Pages 224
Publication Date Available

163 photos

Width (mm) 180 
Height (mm) 250
Dust Jacket  


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