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070509 - UNITED STATES NAVY HELICOPTER PATCHES: Helicopters - Commands - Schools - Wings - Squadrons



By Michael L Roberts

The patch is a customized emblem designed specifically for a particular organization. An emblem is often displayed on patches, decals, plaques, and other memorabilia. Pride and comraderie in the crew is a direct result of the patch as a daily reminder that a specific unit is the best in the Navy. This volume covers over 1,900 patches of US Navy rotary wing aircraft in full color, covering the patches of individual helicopters, schools, organizations, air wings and detachments for all the squadron types HAL, HC, HCS, HCT, HM, HS, HSC, HSL, HSM, HT, HU, HUQ and HX.

Format Hardback
Pages 224
Photos 1,916 colour photos
Width (mm) 210
Height (mm) 280
Dust Jacket  
Price c £33.50

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