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074116 - LUFTWAFFE COLOURS 1935 - 1945


By Michael Ullman

In this comprehensive study, the author follows the development and use of many colours used and establishes the links between the then standard RAL colours and those adopted by the German Air Ministry.

Using much original documentation he reveals how and why these finishes were developed and applied to both military and Lufthansa aircraft – in such detail that anyone with an interest in the subject, either as an historian, model-maker or aircraft preservationist – can recreate Luftwaffe colours with unprecedented accuracy.

Supplemented by over 300 photographs, over 40 drawings and 16 pages of detailed colour aircraft profiles, Luftwaffe Colours presents a remarkable insight into the art of WWII German camouflage markings.

Format Hardback
Pages 360
Photos b/w photos thoughout, colour scale views 
Width (mm) 220
Height (mm) 300
Dust Jacket Yes
Price £34.95

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