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031515 - WHISPERING GIANT: The Story of the Bristol Britannia

By Frank McKim

During the Second World War, when the British were mostly reliant on US civil aircraft types for air transport, the British Government set up the Brabazon Committee to consider the post-war requirements of British civil aviation. In 1943 the Committee suggested that various different types of aircraft should be developed, one of which, termed the Brabazon III, was to become the first western long-range turbo-prop airliner, the Bristol Britannia. This book examines in detail the history of one of the most important civil aircraft designs to emerge from the ashes of Second World War. This volume is the third in the Aircraft of Distinction series of trend setting books describing major civil aircraft types of the 20th century. All variants of the aircraft are described in detail beginning with the Series 100 & 102, through to the final variant, the series 320. Derivatives CL28 Argus, CL44 Yukon and Shorts Belfast are comprehensively described and the book contains a close-up detail section for help in modelling the aircraft. A 'variations on a theme' section displays a selection of three view drawings of the aircraft and the book is complimented by a newly researched production list, bibliography, glossary & abbreviations and index. The book contains 36 specially commissioned full-colour side-view drawings and is complimented by 232 full-colour and 12 black & white photographs reproduced to the highest standard, printed on fine quality art paper.


Format Hardback
Pages 188
Publication Date Out Now!

colour photos throughout

Width (mm) 220
Height (mm) 285
Dust Jacket -


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