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031618 - A TALE OF TEN SPITFIRES: The Combat Histories of Spitfire VCs AR501 to AR510

By Andrew Critchell

The Fw190s supremacy over the Spitfire V is a classic legend from the Second World War, heralding one of the darkest times for Fighter Command and the RAF. A Tale of Ten Spitfires brings this legend to life by examining the individual combat histories of ten Spitfire VCs, the first of which is the Shuttleworth Collection’s well known Spitfire AR501, followed by the next nine on the production line, AR502 to AR510.

This link to a ‘living’ airframe, whose first flight after a lengthy restoration is imminent, provides an ideal hook for the enthusiast and also members of the wider public with a more general interest in this classic British icon.

Through first hand accounts, combat reports, unit diaries and more, the book provides a unique looking glass into the period, told via the experiences of the Spitfire pilots themselves, tracing their fates and those of the ten machines that they flew


Format Hardback,
Pages 192
Publication Date August 2018


Width (mm) 216
Height (mm) 290
Dust Jacket Yes
ISBN 978-1-52672-809-8


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