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030579 - LOCKHEED BLACKBIRD: Beyond The Secret Missions (Revised Edition)


By Paul F Crickmore

Twenty years after releasing his first groundbreaking book about the SR-71, Paul Crickmore returns to the subject to tell the complete story of the most famous American spy-plane. Using a vast number of previously classified government documents, and utilizing dozens of key military contacts, this book examines all of the Blackbird's missions within the larger context of global political events. From the skies of Vietnam, throughout the Cold War, and over the Middle East, the SR-71 was the premiere source of intelligence gathering in the days before satellites. Although, its long mission has now ended, the SR-71 remains a legendary piece of technology, and one of the most amazing military aviation projects of all time.


Format Hardback
Pages 432
Publication Date Out Now!

Fully illustrated in colour and b/w

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Dust Jacket  


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